Our principal aim is to teach a child in the way that they can learn best. Each is unique, and a true education must take into account their wider experiences, personal motivation and innate learning styles.

It is clear to us that the children thrive when their learning experiences are fuelled by a spirit of adventure, both within and far beyond the curriculum. It is this contagious spirit and celebration of life, alongside the child’s evolving knowledge and growing wisdom that, we believe, will empower the individual child to make a confident and positive impact upon their life, as well as the lives of those within the wider community, both now and in the future. Consequently our teaching is forward thinking and innovative in range and depth.

Our proudest achievement is always to help individuals to discover their own passions and interests that add a new dimension to their lives.

Naturally high levels of academic performance are vitally important. We’re very proud of a record that consistently sees some 50% plus of our leavers win a scholarship or exhibition, while 100% regularly pass Common Entrance to the senior school of their choice.

Teaching and Learning Policy (75 KB)