The Tutor System

From their first day at All Hallows through to their last, children are guided, nurtured and cared for by key staff. Whilst individual staff may take on specific roles in a child’s life, all staff are able to fulfil the role of a tutor and all staff wholeheartedly subscribe to the schools caring Christian ethos and desire to develop the individual.

In the younger years, a child’s class teacher has a key role to play. They are the regular point of contact, day in and day out for a child. Children quickly learn to trust and rely upon their class teacher for support in everyday situations, both academic and pastoral. Communication with parents is frequent and at this stage of a child’s development it is of particular importance that class teachers seek to establish close working relationships with families. Working together in partnership is always in the child’s best interests.

As children grow physically and emotionally they go through a transition stage in Years 5 and 6. Much of their development is monitored by their class teacher, but they are coming into contact with a wider variety of staff, all of whom will have a significant part to play in the child’s development. At this stage in a child’s school life it is important that, whilst fully supported by class teachers, they are given increased opportunities for independence.

Moving forward into Years 7 and 8 we are seeking to prepare our children for life in senior school. They still meet with their tutor each day and their tutor continues to take a personal interest in monitoring the child’s all round personal development throughout the year. As the child is taught by many specialist teachers at this stage, a joined up approach by staff is vital and regular formal and informal meetings keep staff up to date with academic progress and behaviour. As children move towards leaving us in Year 8 we offer ever increasing opportunities for them to become good decision makers and independent thinkers. Children make mistakes along the way, as they prepare to enter the adult world, but it is an advantage being able to make them and learn from them in the safe and supportive environment we provide.