Saturday Enrichment

An Enrichment Programme runs every Saturday morning at All Hallows for children in Years 6, 7 & 8.  The Programme offers innovative and exciting activities aimed at giving the children even more opportunities to 'step outside' of their comfort zone and to develop some invaluable 'life skills'.

It is designed to complement the weekday curriculum and to support the all-round personal development of the children which is at the heart of our vision and ethos.  Although optional, over 90% of children in Years 6, 7 & 8 take part in the programme and maximize the opportunities open to them.

This Enrichment Programme, along with all that happens at All Hallows during the week, helps children grow into happy, confident, resilient and compassionate young adults.

Part of a bigger picture…

  • Exciting, vibrant and innovative
  • Fun and appealing to children and staff
  • Dynamic and flexible
  • Fully utilises our staff's wider skill-set
  • Invites external expertise and innovation
  • Allows children 'breathing space'
  • Aims to prepare children for their lives ahead

Programme information:

Sessions begin at 10.00 and finish at 12.00

Lunch is provided at 12.15

Sports training and fixtures are unaffected