We are guided by the simple ethos that through introducing the children to a wide range of team sports and individual events, we aim to instil a love of taking exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Whilst we play our games to win we do not do so at all costs and judge our success as a department on one simple criteria - after the children have left All Hallows do they enjoy and voluntarily take part in physical activity as part of their lives? Through the activities we offer, we aim to instil in all pupils the understanding that being a sportsman/woman involves so much more than just ability.

We endeavour to encourage independence though placing importance on the children’s ability to be in the right place at a certain time with the right clothing and equipment. We also encourage children to play as part of a team and to respect our opponents and the officials, without whom there would be no game. We also appreciate that sport is full of ups and downs, challenges, rewards and many memories. In this way it is representative of life, and a true vehicle for us to help prepare children for the journey they will go on and to equip them to cope with adversity with courage and success with humility.

We value enormously the role that parents play in our school sport. We appreciate the hours standing on boundaries and side lines that you will give to supporting the school over the years. Your support is much appreciated by the children and shows our visitors and hosts that we respect the efforts of all children.