Teams & Fixtures

Team selection

We run a number of teams across the age range from Year 3 upwards.

At all times our intention is to provide an appropriate level of fixture for all children. Often we will mix up sides to match our opponents - our first role is as educators - so to have well matched fixtures is our goal. However, we play some schools who insist on selecting ability based teams.

Teams are not fixed and there is always regular assessment to ensure children play at the correct level for their physical and emotional development. Selection is always undertaken with the child in mind and decisions are explained to those involved so everyone is clear as to the reasons for any changes.

In most tournaments we pick our most able players at that age group. Occasionally, we might extend a player by promoting them up an age, if, we feel that the squad will be enhanced by their presence. We take squads to tournaments and often players will only play a supporting role allowing us to rotate players. These players, although they may not play as much, are key to a squad’s success. These players are spoken to prior to selection and given the option not to attend if they wish. We actively seek and promote more tournaments for pupils across the ability range so that we can provide opportunities for all.

We have many examples throughout the school of children who have played in B and C teams in the early stages of their development but have developed into 1 st team and County players prior to leaving All Hallows. Many All Hallows children also go on to develop into key players within their year group at senior schools.


Children from Year 3 upwards will take part in a competitive fixture programme. The majority of fixtures are on a Saturday but some do take place during the week within the children’s Games lesson.

See the fixtures.


We enter a wide range of tournaments, in many sports, both locally and further afield. These provide excellent experience for the children in so many ways. These are detailed in our calendar of events.