Forest School

Having pioneered the fresh approach to learning that Forest School status brings, All Hallows' innovative and inspiring outdoor environs are now an integral part of the curriculum at the school and enjoyed by children (and adults) of all ages.

In a recent inspection by an immensely experienced ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate) team, the Forest School at All Hallows was described as “excellent” and recognised as “making a major contribution in enabling pupils to achieve the educational standards that they do.”

The Forest School concept encourages and inspires children through positive experiences and participation in motivating and engaging achievable activities in a woodland environment.  The activities help the children to develop personal, social, problem-solving and emotional skills, whilst continuously learning about their natural environment and the world around them.

Children thrive when their learning experiences are fuelled by a spirit of adventure. It is with genuine conviction that we believe a child’s creative experiences must be encouraged and nurtured throughout the entire curriculum. Creativity is the miraculous fusion of the uninhibited energy of a child with the talent and guidance of experience, and it can be the key to unlocking potential, wherever it may lie. Forest School and Outdoor Education is a wonderful vehicle to enhance and enrich this philosophy - it helps to foster the skills and wider perspective that truly encourage innovation, risk-judging and positive risk-taking, self-belief, ambition and a genuine sense of optimism.

At All Hallows, the spacious and picturesque outdoor areas (an onsite wood and an additional woodland away from the school site) house two outdoor classrooms, pizza ovens and outdoor food preparation areas, fire-pits, den-making equipment and a roundhouse plus vegetable garden which are all used to teach curriculum-related, child-led topics outdoors. The learning activities are carefully considered and there is a cross-curricular focus as part of the whole school curriculum planning.