Boarding Packages

Children can board at All Hallows from the age of 8 and we offer a number of packages to make life as easy as possible for busy families. All Hallows is a vibrant, thriving community and a wonderful place to learn, live, love and grow 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Full Boarding

Our full boarding package offers fantastic value for money and superb all round care and opportunities.

£7450 per term

Day-Plus Boarding

This is a child-focused, innovative boarding package that works in harmony with modern family life. ‘Day-Plus-Boarding’ is a gift to parents wanting affordable flexibility to dip into as suits their family circumstances whilst adjusting, constantly, to changing preferences and needs.  It is a logical ‘next step’ in terms of working in harmony with parents in the best interests of the child in the twenty first-century world of education.  

Practically, the package offers 25 nights boarding per term with each night representing a significant saving on one-night ‘Flexi Boarding’ costs. This offer equates to far less than the cost of an evening’s babysitting and the children have far more fun!  Nights can be taken as and when required, subject to availability.   

£525 supplement per child per term.

Flexi Boarding 

For those who simply need their children to board for single nights throughout the year as required.

£41.50 per night.