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LAMDA Success!
18th Sep 2017

It’s been a dramatic Summer Holidays for Speech and Drama pupils at All Hallows Prep school. At the end of last term, theatrical pupils from the prep school based just outside All Hallows, took their LAMDA exams. 20 pupils took the exams, with all receiving distinctions – 9 of which were 100%.

Children took exams in verse speaking and duologue acting, and ranged in age from Year 3 – 8.

Sophie Ball, Head of Drama at All Hallows enthused “I am so proud of the All Hallows thespians who took the LAMDA exam – their results really show how hard they’ve worked. All Hallows encourages pupils to take part in a whole variety of acting endeavours, from Solo Showcases to big productions, and also appreciates those children who would rather be behind the scenes; learning the technical side”.

Dr Trevor Richards, Head at All Hallows expanded “All Hallows ethos centres around all children being allowed to try everything – be it sport, academia, drama, technical production. Our recent scholarship results (compounded by these fantastic LAMDA results) show how successful our teachers are at sparking enthusiasm for all aspects of school life in our pupils”.