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'Ancient Britain' Day
19th Jan 2018

Year 5 experienced life as it may have been back in the Stone and Iron Ages for their IPC topic.

They began in ‘Ancient Britain’ and spent the day gaining an appreciation of what life would have been like at that time and in particular during the Stone and Iron Ages.  They carded wool in preparation for spinning, using big paddle brushes and looms and then tried their hands at spinning wool too.

The Year 5 children are travelling through time in their IPC (International Primary Curriculum) studies this term.  They will visit different historical time periods and consider the changes in how people lived in those times and the impact of technological developments. Once the children gain an appreciation of the progress that has been made over time they will consider the cost in terms of the impact to our planet. The topic will end with them time-travelling to the future to contemplate possible environmentally friendly developments.

In Forest School, with exceptionally cold conditions, they experienced what life may have been like when men were hunter-gatherers and our winters were much colder. They learnt the importance of fire and imagined how difficult providing for themselves with food, clothing and cooking equipment would have been. Gold was used by early man but they suggested ways other metals could have been extracted.  They used pewter, which has a low melting temperature, to illustrate how tricky it must have been to make pots or jewellery. The children made clay moulds before heating their pewter in spoons over the fire and pouring it into them to create a decorated disc. Their results weren’t perfect, which confirmed their opinions that life wasn’t easy for our ancestors! 

See more pictures from the Year 5 Ancient Britain day on Flickr or scroll through the album below.

Year 5 Ancient Britain Day - JAN18