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An (icy) blast of a day for Year 8 at Stonehenge
9th Feb 2018

Year 8 had an (icy) blast of a day at Stonehenge this week! Having been warned to wrap up warm, we could here snippets from the back of the bus on the way like, 'I'm wearing two pairs of trousers' and 'How many socks do you think I can get on one foot?' - good for them!

The purpose of the trip was to explore the origins of European social history, discover a fabulous local landmark and to practise the historical skills Mr Champness gets so excited about! We have been focusing recently on the historical skill of source analysis, learning to draw insightful inferences from a variety of evidence; the trip allowed the children to draw conclusions from ancient relics and artefacts, and to explore the connection between ancient social history and the more modern societal structures we have been studying. They were given the task of creating an 'infographic-style' short film, with the purpose of attracting school groups to visit the Stones on History trips. They used the Humanities iPads in small groups to take photos, videos and input relevant info to create the most exciting film they could, all within the day, and when we got back and sampled the films they looked spectacular. Clear here for more of their infographic videos.

Other than the odd 'Mr C, please can I have another hat?' or 'I really need to get a down jacket - where did I put my Christmas list?', they all had a wonderful time and were excellent ambassadors for the school. What was especially exciting for me as their History teacher was seeing how easily and competently they all drew connections between the societal and religious structures of the Neolithic people they were looking at and the more modern structures we have been studying. This skill will feature more and more in History as they move onto senior school and I was impressed by how well they have developed in this area already.

A worthwhile and fulfilling trip all round; they'll need Half-Term to thaw out!

Click here or browse through the album below to see photos from the Stonehenge trip on Flickr.

Year 8 trip to Stonehenge - Feb 2018

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