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From rural Somerset to the African outback - and back again
25th Apr 2011

The All Hallows community has followed avidly Mr Ellery’s adventure in Africa at Sang’a School. Mr Ellery swapped his role as French teacher, and his home comforts, to live in a tent and immerse himself in the day to day life of the school in Sang’a for 6 weeks. All Hallows have supported Sang’a for a number of years with immensely positive results. During his stay (in addition to teaching various subjects and some minor DIY), David has used the funds raised by children, parents and staff to finance some amazing projects for the school including desks for students and teachers, the completion of a new classroom and new flooring for the existing classrooms, the purchase of text-books and stationery, a solar energy system for the new teachers’ block, and the installation of a 6000 litre water tank so that the growing area can be watered during the dry season.

Back in Somerset, the children have been enjoying his daily blog. It has been wonderful, and enlightening, for the children to have such immensely personal and ‘live’ insights into what life is like for the children in Sang’a and how stark some of the contrasts are with their lives here in Somerset. We very much hope that through the resounding success of this first visit, and the resulting enrichment of both communities, our link will continue to grow ever stronger.