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“It’s a mad, mad world” - Year 7 perform Alice in Wonderland in Frome
25th Apr 2011

The All Hallows School cast members wove their own peculiar brand of madness over the story of Alice in Wonderland as the grinning Cheshire Cat reminded her that “I’m mad. You’re mad. We’re all mad here”. Not so the spellbound audience made up of parents, families, teachers, friends and members of the public who were treated to a magical, moving and mesmerising production by the Year Seven pupils under the inspired direction of Miss Naomi Holland who is fast making a name for herself in local and regional theatre.

The performance opened with just the right hint of menace as a swirling mist and sibilant hissing of Alice’s name set the tone for the dark edges that followed. Alice was clearly entering another world full of confusions, doubts and questions. But there was also humour, colour and charm, too. Miss Holland said “I am so proud of the children who worked so tirelessly and with such good spirit in bringing this all together. They really are a very talented group of young actors!”

Headmaster, Ian Murphy, brought some final-curtain sanity to the surreal on-stage experiences of this brilliant evening and all suitable thanks were recorded and generously given to all those who had contributed so magnificently, particularly The Merlin Theatre administrators who have embraced with such vision the concept of schools using drama to reach out to the community

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