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A totally magical production of “The Wicked Wizard of Oz”!
15th Feb 2012

Take an empty Merlin Theatre in Frome, add a cast of 50+ talented and excited Year Seven children from All Hallows School, throw in some dry ice and other technical wizardry, arrange for a raging snowstorm outside for verisimilitude, invite a packed and expectant audience – and what do you get?

A totally magical production of “The Wicked Wizard of Oz”!

We entered willingly into Dorothy’s dream world (played by Georgia Heath and Poppy Marsh) and travelled with her down her yellow brick road encountering all the usual suspects including munchkins, a scarecrow (Annie Wooler), a tin man (Kitty Mant), a lion (Daisy Holland) and, of course, a wizard (Harry Miller) along the way. Alicia Whitaker excelled as Glinda (she even brought her dog to play the part of Toto) and Abigail Rees-Jones and Xanthe Gash provided an authentic touch of menace as the wicked witches.

Music, songs, dance and special effects all combined to produce two truly memorable performances.

It isn’t always edifying to learn that one is destined to play the part of a tree in such a colourful production but, on this occasion, the trees deserve special mention (Archie Warsap, Joey Blain and Arthur Harman) for their humorous interpretations that were anything but wooden.

Many congratulations to all staff and children who devoted so much time and energy in pulling off an ambitious and accomplished performance. Special thanks and recognition to Matthew Redman (Musical Director) and the rising, red-shoed star that is Miss Naomi Holland who directed and produced the whole show.