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Under the stars!
5th Nov 2011

All children at All Hallows follow an outdoor education camping programme that offers progressive opportunities as they move through the school. This term, the Year 6 children had their overnight ‘camp out’ at All Hallows. They had the benefit of a Saturday morning enrichment session to practise putting up and taking down the school 3 man tents. This really helped them to do a fantastic job of setting up an orderly camp on the top field and enabled them to enjoy the rest of the afternoon spent in Scouts’ Wood. Two bases with open fires were established and a team challenge was set up to test the children on their survival skills. The pizza oven and cooks worked hard to bake over 50 pizzas made individually by the children. The next camp will be for the Year 3 children with parents at school, followed by the Year 7 children’s camp on the Mendip hills in June.