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Edith's Wartime Scrapbook
1st Apr 2014

Year 4’s production of Edith’s Wartime Scrapbook on Friday evening was a resounding success with each child bringing something unique to the stage.  The children’s sheer enjoyment was evident throughout the show, with exceptional performances from a large number of soloists.

 We learned lots about World War 11 as Edith reminisced over her war time memories with the removal men who had come to help her move house. She remembered fondly, her families’ experiences during the war, saying goodbye to Fred and Alice her younger siblings who were evacuated to Wales and praying that her older brother Sidney would get back from the war unhurt.

 A rousing performance from the Air Raid Wardens left us in no doubt that ‘there was a war on’ and that ‘all lights must be extinguished’ for fear that Jerry might attack. We heard how rationing of food and clothes caused such hardship and how everyone pulled together to ‘Keep their Spirits Flying’.

The unstoppable working women with their tools to hand entertained us with their song and dance.

We rolled in our seats with laughter, as with great comic timing, the Home Guard (Dad’s Army) led us to believe that they could defend king and country with a random selection of garden implements and a mop. Stiff joints and domestic chores apart they were resolute and ready to put their lives on the line.

Edith fondly remembered how handsome and charming the American GI’s were and how the local girls would have believed anything they said. The brilliant choreography of this scene gave us feel good performances from the very smooth GI’s, the very excited girls who were dreaming of a life in Hollywood and the local lads who had to admit to a sneaking admiration of the slick Americans!!!

The audience shed a tear or two with the very strong and emotional performance of the soldiers at Arnhem.

It was hard to believe that eight and nine year olds could deliver performances that were sad, thought provoking, poignant and funny with such aplomb. Great costumes, stage sets, makeup and hair ensured that we were transported back to the 40’s and everyone left the show wishing they could do it all again! Who needs the West End when we have such great performers here at All Hallows!