News Article
Visiting Author David Gatward
1st Apr 2014

Acclaimed author (and parent) David Gatward visited the school and delivered a thoroughly entertaining talk to the Year 8 pupils about his inspiration for becoming a writer, the various careers he pursued on the way and how he eventually had his work published.  Pupils and staff were fascinated to hear about the children’s book that so grabbed his attention at the age of 11 that he set his mind on becoming a fiction writer.  They were also engrossed as he regaled them with tales about the perm he got during his brief role as a rock star, the terrible climbing ‘tights’ he wore while a rock climber, and the way he blew up salmon – a traditional method for extracting their eggs (!) - while working on salmon farm.  David spoke, too, about some of the 40 books that he has had published, ranging from a book of prayers for children, to children’s horror, and pupils were given the opportunity to choose from three of his most recent novels.  Mr Gatward ended his speech by encouraging pupils to pursue their dreams, ending this truly fascinating and enriching talk on a positive and inspiring note.