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Judo Competition
1st Oct 2014

It was so nice to see all the children do so well at the judo match against Salisbury Cathedral School on 29th September at All Hallows. Final score: All Hallows 11 - Salisbury 9. Nick Lowe, who ran the competition, praised the children, acknowledging the positive way in which they conducted themselves and how they bonded as a team. "It was very inspiring to see how much the children had learnt over the years and in some cases a few weeks. I was thrilled to witness their energy and determination to win that was clearly on display. Long may it prevail!"

After a 30 minute workshop, where the children from both schools, including other All Hallows club members received instruction on current judo techniques / strategies plus the rules of the game. Once the teams were placed in fighting order, the match got underway. Contest times were limited to a maximum of 2 minutes. In some cases, this went slightly over as a winner needed to emerge and on a number of occasions, the match was won within a few seconds of the start.  20 All Hallows children took part in the team.