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Year 6 Rock!
10th Feb 2015

All Hallows came alive on Saturday as Year 6 performed 'We Will Rock You'.  The show was set in the future where mainstream commercial conformity reigns under the power of the Mega Corporation Globalsoft, a small group of 'Bohemians' struggle to restore the free exchange of fashion, thoughts and live music.  The stage came alive with some unbelievable acting, singing and dancing performances and incredible special effects (that wouldn't have looked out of place in the West End) courtesy of Bill Peachment.  The shows set really allowed the children to take their performance skills to a new level and to develop an understanding of the more technical aspects of performing.  It was hard to believe they were 11, and they all looked fantastic thanks to the make up efforts of Nicky Moulton.  The band and the audience 'rocked' and a great night was had by all.