Bus routes

Transport to and from All Hallows

We offer a number of transport routes using our own minibuses and drivers. We also use a trusted local taxi firm to provide transport on routes where we have insufficient numbers to offer a full minibus service.

If you are interested in travelling from an area which is not currently covered on one of our published minibus routes, please contact us for further information – we are always happy to discuss helping with transport. It may be possible for us to consider extending our existing services or we may be able to put you in touch with others who are willing to share lifts.

Our children finish school at varying times depending on whether they are staying for prep, activities or even supper. As such, the majority of our minibus service routes operate on a morning only basis. We will of course be very happy to consider organising evening services on any of our routes given sufficient demand.

Our routes adapt according to demand and currently come from the following areas:

Bath – Hinton Charterhouse – Norton St Philip – Rode - Beckington - Frome - All Hallows
Bishop's Sutton – Stanton Drew – Temple Cloud – Paulton – A37 – All Hallows
Stourton - Kilmington - Bruton - Batcombe - All Hallows
Butleigh - Baltonsborough - A37 - Shepton Mallet - All Hallows

Charging is on a zone basis, and so it depends where your child is travelling from, and discounts are available for siblings. Mornings and evenings are charged separately and those using the bus on a casual basis pay a daily charge – please be aware however that this is subject to space being available with regular users taking priority. For the latest costs please refer to our Schedule of Fees.

For more details of our routes and the timings, please contact Jackie, our Registrar, on 01749 881609 or email Admissions.


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