School Life

A day in the life...

At All Hallows, we understand that parents have very busy lives.

Being a boarding school, we can be truly flexible to accommodate this with our day pupils able to arrive at school early, to stay late in the evenings, to have a hot evening meal and even to sleep overnight on an occasional or regular basis.

Days at All Hallows are packed from the time the boarders wake up until the lights go out at night. The purpose of this page is to give you an insight into the structure of the school day. Do explore the website further to find out more about how we fill our days.

From Monday to Friday, the school day starts with registration in class or with the tutor at 8.25am. Then it’s time for lessons or assembly.

Mid-morning, it’s time for a break and the children enjoy a healthy snack and some free time. Fruit is always available, as is drinking water with water fountains at various points around the school.

Lunch is prepared by our in-house catering team who source ingredients locally wherever practical. It is served in the dining room at staggered intervals to avoid unnecessary queues. Hot meals include a vegetarian option and there is always a salad bar for those who prefer. Pudding is usually some home-baked delight such as apple crumble and custard.

Once afternoon lessons have finished, children are free to go home or stay for free time, activities and prep which vary according to which year group they are in:


Finishes at 16.05 and children can stay, by arrangement, until 16.30 for a small additional charge.

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Also finish lessons at 16.05 and can join ‘late stay’*.

Year 3

Finish at 16.05 on four days a week and at 16.25 on Tuesday after Forest School. They can then join ‘late stay’*.

Year 4

Finish their lessons at 16.25 and are also welcome to join ‘late stay’*.

Years 5, 6, 7 and 8

Also finish their lessons at 16.25. Those staying later will enjoy a snack and some free time before joining prep and activities and possibly staying for supper and the night.

*‘Late stay’ for Reception to Year 4 is in the Junior Common Room, or on the Library Lawn, and runs until 17.00.  Those needing to stay later are able to join a prep group and have a hot evening meal in the dining room at 18.00. Children are welcome to flexi-board from Year 3.

Please visit the boarding pages to find out more about the evenings and weekends.


On Saturdays mornings we run an enrichment programme for children in Years 6 to 8. Whilst this is optional, a very high proportion of children choose take part. Younger children often have training or sports matches during this time which parents are encouraged to come along and watch.

Saturday afternoons is sports match time for Year 5 to 8 – a great opportunity to support your children, whether at All Hallows or away at another prep school, and to meet other parents on the side-lines or whilst enjoying one of the legendary match teas!

Medical cover

We have medical cover at all times provided by a qualified nurse or by paediatric first aid trained resident staff. The surgery is in the main school house and is adjoined by the sick bay where pupils can rest and recuperate when necessary.


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